Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal

Even more good news, everyone! The second issue of Hermeneutic Chaos, a lovely new literary journal, has just become available online (at no cost), and I am proud to have two of my poems included between its digital covers. Yet again, it’s wonderful to be published in such good company. Please do check it out.

To view the journal itself, simply follow the link, scroll down a bit, and select the format you’d prefer (you can either download a PDF or read it directly via the “Online” option).

Wu-wei Fashion

Good news everyone! A poem by yours truly has been published in the inaugural issue of the already excellent Wu-wei Fashion Magazine. Check it out. It’s online and quite free. The good folks at Wu-wei have done a fantastic job with the design, and I’m in great company; the other selections are top notch.

Mine is the untitled one.

Hello world!

This website will have to do for now, until I decide to redesign it again, which will probably be next month, or tomorrow, or five years from now. In any case, till that day comes, I might as well make use of the site as is. Welcome, welcome!